Applications Engineering


Since 2012, we have been integrating our Pico-Cylinders into medical and pharmaceutical devices with customers around the world. Our objective is simple: to ensure that you will be successful with implementing Pico-Cylinders to fully optimize the unique advantages that gas-powered delivery systems can provide. Since we are focused on medical devices, we understand the reliability and robustness requirements for life-critical devices over their lifetime. Our Application Engineers help customers save time and money by leveraging our proven experience to integrate our Pico-Cylinders into their medical devices, or other specialty high-quality designs. From Regulatory requirements to safety standards, your communications with our Application Engineers are seamless – We speak your language.

Our Approach


Deep understanding of the problem we are supposed to solve, which can be anything from human factors challenges to o-ring selection.


Using our experience and technical capabilities we identify potential solutions to the problem. This brainstorming process brings together people from across the company to ensure a diverse set of skills and backgrounds are used to identify opportunities.

Create & Test

Once solutions have been identified we are able to create both virtual and physical models of the problem to test potential solutions. We have expertise in areas such as Dynamic Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, and Design of Experiments to help us design and test accurate models. Our in-house model shop also enables us to quickly create benchtop testing platforms to answer problems that are difficult to solve with virtual models.


The data we’ve gathered from our models is then analyzed to enable us to quickly hone in on the optimal solution. Our expert engineers and scientists create robust design of experiments to make sure that our test results provide clear evidence to guide our decisions.


Physical prototypes are created for real-world testing of the application. This allows us test, modify, and perfect the design before expensive hard-tooling needs to be purchased for production.

Design for Manufacturability

Ensuring that the design is able to be manufactured and assembled is on our designers mind from the start. The DFM stage is a time of focused attention on DFM using mold flow analysis, tolerance analysis, and other techniques as appropriate to improve the design to accommodate all aspects of the manufacturing and assembly processes.


Picocyl Application Engineers can evaluate and provide design support for all of the elements of your pico-cylinder integration: cylinder/pin mounting, actuation methods, activation analysis, gas selection/optimization, gas volume optimization, power delivery optimization, dead volume utilization/optimization, pressure vessel analysis, thermal analysis, shelf life analysis and cleanliness analysis to ensure that the finished gas system is reliable, robust, manufacturable, cost-effective over the full life of the device. We also design, build prototypes and manufacture actuation mechanisms that can be integrated into your device to accelerate your time to market by letting you focus on your core application expertise.


If our standard product offerings don’t meet your needs, Picocyl Application Engineering Services can custom design Pico-Cylinders, Pico-Pins, and Actuators that meet the unique requirements of our customers. Through collaborative design activities, we can assist your device design team with identifying the right size and type Pico-Cylinder optimized for puncture force and burst pressure with the most effective gas type, pressures and volumes for your needs.