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Picocyl Gases

The Right Gas for the Right Application

The Power You Need When You Need It

With its higher power-to-volume ratio, gas powered medical devices out-perform legacy powered devices utilizing springs, batteries or motors.

Gas power delivers the precise amount of power required to perform exactly what you need to do–and in the smallest package possible.

Gas Applications

Pico-cylinders offer a wide variety of pressurized gas solutions.

Power Element

To energize the mechanical function within a device

Carrier for Powders or Liquids

Such as those found in asthma inhalers

Therapeutic Gas Delivery

For medical treatments such as ophthalmic gases

Gas Types

Our facility has bulk storage for various high-purity inert and fluorinated gases. Picocyl’s gas specialists have experience with both liquid and vapor phase gases.

Through our proprietary processes we are able to include a tracer gas for leak detection to offer an additional layer of security to ensure the leak-free integrity of your cylinder.

Gases Available

Carbon Dioxide




Sulfur Hexafluoride


Customized Gases

Don’t see the gas you need? We can customize the perfect gas for your device. We can help you choose the ideal gas or gas mixture to achieve your desired results.