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The Pico-Cylinders

Compact. Robust. Customizable.

Pico-Cylinders: The Best In Power & Containment

The Picocyl cylinder provides a better alternative to devices operated manually, or powered by springs or batteries.

Made of medical-grade stainless steel, our gas pico-cylinders are the only medical device components of their kind in the global market.

Breakaway Septum Pico-Cylinders

Our breakaway septum pico-cylinders offer safe and reliable gas release for medical devices.

Gas release is achieved by driving an actuator pin into the breakaway septum integrated into the pico-cylinder cap. The septum pops open with low force to release the gas. The diameter of the septum is larger than the pin diameter, ensuring unobstructed gas release.

The breakaway septum cylinders provide safe and reliable gas release with low opening force.

Valve-Release Pico-Cylinders

Our valve-release pico-cylinders are an alternative to our breakaway septum pico-cylinders.

The spring-loaded valve allows for partial gas release and reclosure to maintain the internally stored gas until its next use.

Multi-use powered devices or multi-use gas delivery applications are ideal for valve-release pico-cylinders.

Fully Customizable

Our pico-cylinders can be customized to fit your unique medical devices, accommodating various volumes, form factors and gases.

Component Traceability

All pico-cylinders can be labeled with QR codes and human-readable information, including part identification, lot numbers and gross mass.

Cylinder Highlights

  • Safe and reliable with low opening force
  • 100% leak-free verifications
  • Leak-free seal
  • Customizable capacity
  • Long shelf life
  • Weight verifiable
  • Traceable with laser marking
  • Manufactured under ISO 13485:2016
  • Manufactured in ISO Class 8 cleanroom
  • Reliable Burst Pressures