Pico-Cylinder – Valve-Release


The Gas Powered Valve Release Pico-Cylinder was the first Pico-Cylinder we designed. This ground-breaking product enables the cylinder to be welded shut first and then filled with the gas. For years small cylinder product designers and engineers were stumped as contained gases reacted when sealed using a traditional welding process.  No more.  Our patented valve release design ensures superior performance and quality to deliver the necessary amount and purity of gas.  This product is compatible with implant grade gases.

Picocyl has developed a hermetically sealed cylinder and a multi-stage set of leak checks to ensure that every Pico-Cylinder that leave our manufacturing facility does not leak.

Laser Marking
Always looking to push the boundaries further, we developed a laser marking system that allows you to verify the mass of the cylinder for the life of the product, giving you the ultimate confidence.

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  • Medical grade Stainless Steel
  • High volume, precision manufacturing processes
  • Proprietary welding operation yields leak free, high reliability Cylinders
  • Laser marking provides lot traceability and QR reading capability


  • Burst pressure capabilities in excess of 8.9 MPa
  • Opening forces from 55 N
  • Sealing surface
  • Leak-free for the lifetime of the product
  • Designed to store implant grade medical gas


  • Smallest valved cylinders available on the market
  • High reliability, quality and safety
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ability to fill with traditional and liquefied gasses
  • Valve-design allows use with gases that are not traditionally compatible with resistance welding such as SF6 and C3F8
  • Laser Marking provides serialization, lot traceability and QR reading capability
  • Dynamic sealing surface to ensure released gas does not leak out of device
  • Internal seals and materials are USP Class VI Compatible


  • Fill volume
  • Commercially available gas grades, from industrial to medical grade
  • Gas blending
  • Opening force
  • Laser marking to your requirements
  • Integrated mounting provisions i.e. tabs and flanges
  • Custom sizes available


  • ISO 13485:2016 Certified company
  • Dedicated manufacturing operations with certified Class 8 Cleanroom
  • Currently used in implantable retinal tamponade delivery device