Pico-Cylinder – Breakaway Septum


Pico-Cylinders with Breakaway Septums are the easiest to open on the planet. Our patented septum design is able to be opened consistently, even for life-saving applications where 99.999% reliability is needed.

Picocyl has developed a hermetically sealed cylinder and has proven its leak-free performance with Real Time Aging data exceeding 36 months. For a Pico-Cylinder to be released to customer, it must pass a rigorous multi-stage set of leak testing that has been developed to test products for minimum of 5-year shelf-life. This multi-stage testing regimen ensures that every Pico-Cylinder that leaves our manufacturing facility is leak-free.

Laser Marking
Always looking to push the boundaries of quality further, Picocyl has developed a laser marking system that allows for the verification of the fill-mass for each Pico-Cylinder at any time throughout its lifespan. The laser-marking feature, human readable and QR machine readable, has been proven its legitimacy with Real Time Aging data exceeding 36 months to give you the ultimate confidence.

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Opener Pin



  • Medical grade Stainless Steel
  • Smooth, tight tolerance neck provides optional sealing surface
  • High volume manufacturing processes
  • Projection welding operation yields leak free, high reliability Cylinders
  • Laser marking provides lot traceability and QR reading capability


  • Max opening force can be custom configured, as low as 30 N up to 130 N
  • Consistently low (<80N) puncture forces and reliable
  • Large annulus between Opener Pin and Breakaway Septum diameter delivers
    unobstructed gas release
  • Burst pressure capabilities in excess of 50 MPa


  • Smallest cylinders available on the market
  • High reliability, quality and safety
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Patented septum technology ensures low force to pop the cap to release the gas
  • Dynamic sealing surface to ensure released gas does not leak out of device
  • Ability to fill with traditional and liquified gases


  • Custom sizes available
  • Any commercially available gas grades, from industrial to medical grade
  • Gas blending
  • Integrated mounting provisions i.e. tabs and flanges
  • Laser marking to your requirements


  • 160 µL
  • 700 µL
  • 1.0 mL
  • 4.5 mL


  • ISO 13485:2016 Certified company
  • Dedicated manufacturing operations with certified Class 8 Cleanroom
  • Currently used in auto-injectors for the treatment of life-threatening conditions