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Compressed Gas in Pico-Cylinders as a
Single Use Medical Device Energy Source

Compressed gas cylinders offer several advantages over batteries, motors, and springs. The energy density is higher than springs and the power density is higher than batteries. No additional devices are required to convert the energy into mechanical work, simplifying device designs.


Breakaway Septum

Our Breakaway Septum Pico-Cylinders have the lowest and most controlled opening forces on the planet. Our patented septum design combines this low puncture force with high reliability burst integrity.


Valve Release

Our Valve-Release Pico-Cylinders contain a spring-loaded valve that allows for partial gas release, resealing, and vacuum purging and filling to ensure highest purity gas transfer.



Our Pico-Pins have been intentionally designed, tested, and manufactured to reliably open the Breakaway Septum Pico-Cylinders, simplifying downstream manufacturing processes and quality checks.



Our custom Actuators puncture the Pico-Cylinder, seal off the gas, and integrate into your device to optimize design architecture, ergonomics, and human factors.