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Products: Medical Device Solutions

Gas Cylinders and Actuators
for your Medical Devices

Complete Power & Gas Delivery System

The Picocyl gas cylinder system can be segmented into three distinct elements: PICO-CYLINDERS, PICOCYL GASES and PICO-ACTUATORS. Our power and gas delivery system functions as an integrated solution, to optimize your design needs.


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Picocyl Gases

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Ultra-Compact Pico-Cylinders. Greater Innovation.

Working with Picocyl frees you up to do what you do best: bringing innovative medical devices to market.

How can we help you do that?

Off the Shelf

Our off-the-shelf pico-cylinders and pico-actuators provide power and implantable gas sources for medical devices on the market today. If your medical device is able to design-in Picocyl’s off-the-shelf products, then you will realize benefits such as shorter time to market, reduced lead times, lower early-stage production costs, and a proven supply chain with existing manufacturing lines. Picocyl existing products began development in 2012 and have been in production since 2016. Our team’s expertise in medical disposable device design & manufacturing, metal fabrication, injection-plastic molding, gas specialization, welding, and manufacturing automation has resulted in Picocyl leadership for compressed gas cylinders use in the medical industry.

Custom Designed

Picocyl is well-equipped to custom design and manufacture a pico-cylinder and pico-actuator to meet your device requirements. In fact, we welcome your invitation to provide you custom designs. Our design engineers and project leaders are very experienced in working with customers, like yourself, to optimize pico-cylinder size, puncture force, minimum burst pressure, materials, and gas pressure. Additionally, our engineering team can provide services for prototyping and engineering builds to help support your device needs. Because Picocyl engineering and manufacturing are co-located in our Golden, CO plant, and more importantly, because of our experience in understanding the importance of design for manufacturability through years of learning, we are able to offer you the best custom design services available for medical compressed gas cylinders.

Application Support

If your team needs design support services for integrating our products into your devices, our Application Engineers can help you. Picocyl can provide engineering resources to ensure seamless pico-cylinder-to-application integration. Picocyl has medical device design capabilities from integration of Picocyl products through device design and commercialization. Whether you want component supply, sub-assembly manufacturing services, or complete device design services – You choose! We offer project management services; including, regular project status meetings, design reviews, schedule management and assigned Picocyl staff to meet your needs.