Picocyl Expands Product Line and Production Capacity as Demand for Pico-Cylinders Soars

As new and novel drug therapies are developed to address areas where conventional medicines are limited, drug delivery innovators, designers and manufacturers have turned to Picocyl for its unique, patented power solutions for drug and implant delivery systems.

GOLDEN, CO – August 10, 2021, Picocyl LLC (Picocyl), a designer, developer and manufacturer of next-generation drug delivery solutions, today announced that they have expanded their production capacity for two of their most popular products due to growing customer demand and analyst market growth projections in regard to next-generation drug delivery.  Both products are part of their flagship Breakaway Septum Pico-Cylinder line, the 160 µL Pico-Cylinder and the 1 mL Pico-Cylinder.

Pico-Cylinders have become the industry standard for single use, gas-powered devices.  As the world’s first “pico”-sized stainless-steel cylinder, Picocyl’s patented low-force breakaway septum cap and precision-matched Pico-Pin deliver the right amount of stored energy for the task and the minimum opening force necessary.  Pico-Cylinders have been designed to be the smallest, most capable medical-grade power source in the market, enabling drug delivery device designers to produce the most ergonomic and effective applications available.

The 160 µL Breakaway Septum Pico-Cylinder is initially targeted for novel ingestible drug delivery systems, providing increased bioavailability by delivering drugs directly to where they are needed in the gastrointestinal tract.

The 1 mL Breakaway Septum Pico-Cylinder is initially targeted for wearable applications and life-critical autoinjectors.

The 700 µL Breakaway Septum Pico-Cylinder was the Company’s first mass produced Pico-Cylinder.  Today it is used for powering commercial medical device implant and drug delivery systems and has shipped over 5 million units worldwide.

“We have experienced a surge in demand for Pico-Cylinders as more and more drug delivery designers are looking at innovative power solutions that fit their very specific therapies and use cases,” says Chris Dorsey, Vice President of Operations at Picocyl.   “Both of the new Pico-Cylinder sizes, the 160 µL and the 1 mL were initially customized configurations, but the outpouring of demand directed us to make additional investments in our infrastructure and workforce so that today our production capabilities are virtually unlimited.”

Manufacturing excellence is at the core of Picocyl. The Company’s manufacturing facility and quality system were meticulously designed from the ground up with a focus on the exacting standards of medical device manufacturing and feature an ISO 13485:2016 certified quality system and a Class 8 clean room.  The world-class automated Pico-Cylinder manufacturing lines produce millions of leak-free Pico-Cylinders, along with the other products which are part of the Pico-System.  Picocyl’s manufacturing facility is located in Golden, Colorado, USA, and all proprietary manufacturing processes are designed and validated to meet current Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP).

“We have significantly leveled-up our ability to deliver at the speed of business,” says Dorsey. “Quality, consistency and integrity are a way of life here at Picocyl and now we have dramatically enhanced our capability to scale production quickly and efficiently.”


About Picocyl

Picocyl enables the future of drug delivery and other special applications through innovative device design and gas-powered solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical markets. Every product, application and solution we deliver is built from the ground up in our USA-based, state-of-the-art, cleanroom manufacturing facilities (ISO Class 8).  A pioneer in developing unique energy sources for drug delivery, the Company’s flagship pico-cylinders have become the industry standard for single use, gas-powered cylinders.

Picocyl is ISO 13485:2016 certified, has been audited and approved by numerous medical device and pharmaceutical firms, and has been FDA Inspected.



Paul Heckler

Product Marketing Manager