Innovations – Gas Access

Every product or solution begins with a dilemma, challenge, question or harebrained idea. Get to know the inspiration that drove our Team…

Challenge: Designing a cylinder that is more reliable, energy efficient & easy to use.

innovation overview

Our patented Breakaway Septum design differentiates the Pico-Cylinder from every other pressurized gas cylinder on the market. Energy efficient, precise and reliable, our breakaway septum ensures you get exactly how much gas you need, when you need it.


The patented breakaway septum design differentiates the Pico-cylinder from every other gas cylinder on the market. Whereas legacy industrial grade gas cylinders rely on a sharp puncture pin to pierce the ductile septum, the Pico-Cylinder relies on the material properties of the cylinder Cap and the patented septum geometry to provide a consistent low force puncture. These features allow Pico-Cylinders to be punctured with blunt, non-geometrically critical Opener Pins. Further, other sharp puncture pins generally require modifications to create flow channels to provide an adequate path for gas escapement due to the nature of the septum’s plasticity. Because of the material selection, cylinder neck design, and cap design, the Opener Pin preferentially tears the perimeter of the septum to “open the hatch” in a controlled manner with a 4x reduction in stroke and a 10x reduction in energy. The novel septum geometry results in a large annular gap encompassing the Opener Pin allowing for rapid and unobstructed gas egress from the cylinder.


  • 4x reduction in puncture force, lowest on the market
  • 4x reduction in opener travel length, lowest on the market
  • 10X reduction in energy required to open gas cylinder, lowest on the market
  • Can be activated by a simple push of a lever by a finger or thumb
  • Extended neck length enable flexible sealing opportunities
  • Repeatable and robust hermetic, leak-free welds
  • High reliability gas access

Cap Design

  • Patented breakaway septum
  • Low puncture force
  • Consistent gas egress
  • Enlarged opening for immediate gas release
  • Lowest work to open cylinder due to lowest force and travel distance
  • Manufacturing process provides good material flow across perimeter to ensure leak free integrity
  • Allows for proprietary welding process to ensure containment integrity

Neck design

  • Robust sealing surface due to controlled diameter and surface finish
  • Extended length enables sealing and actuation movement
  • Reduced dead volume due to smaller neck diameter
  • Allows for proprietary welding process to ensure containment integrity

Opener Pin Design

  • Beveled tip for lower puncture forces
  • Customizable tip and body configuration to support application


  • High purity stainless steels