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Insights into some of our in-market solutions

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Gas Containment

Our Pico-Cylinders have been meticulously designed from the ground up to create a truly leak-free, pressurized gas cylinder for highly specialized markets that demand superior quality.

Precise & Reliable

Gas Access

Our patented Breakaway Septum design differentiates the Pico-Cylinder from every other pressurized gas cylinder on the market. Energy efficient, precise and reliable, our Breakaway Septum ensures you get exactly how much gas you need, when you need it.


Energy Management

The energy and power densities of pressurized gas cylinders are superior to springs and batteries. Picocyl has proven experience to help optimize the integration and energy management of the Pico-Cylinder into your device.

Quality Controlled

Gas Management

Selecting the best gas type for the application, and adhering to the correct storage, filling, handling & measurement protocols, often marks the difference in quality and performance.


Compressed Gas in Pico-Cylinders as a
Single Use Medical Device Energy Source

Compressed gas cylinders offer several advantages over batteries, motors, and springs. The energy density is higher than springs and the power density is higher than batteries. No additional devices are required to convert the energy into mechanical work, simplifying device designs.

Rapid Development

Our engineering team transforms concepts into finished products using state of the art design and analysis tools; in-house prototyping and model shop; quick-turn and production mold tooling; design for manufacturability; and decades of proven product development.

Engineering &

Manufacturing &

Innovation Areas of Excellence

Our core competencies are holistically aligned for medical-grade quality, performance, reliability, efficacy, compliance and for optimal manufacturability.

Picocyl is well-equipped with proven engineering experience to custom design and manufacture a Pico-Cylinder, Opener Pin and Pico-Actuator to meet your device requirements.  Our design engineers and project leaders are very experienced in working with customers, like yourself, to optimize the Pico-Cylinder geometry, opening force, burst pressure, materials composition, gas mix and gas pressure. Additionally, we provide services for prototyping and engineering builds to help support your development phase and clinical trial needs. Through our experience in commercializing medical delivery systems with pressurized gas cylinders, we are uniquely qualified to provide you the best customized design solutions for functionality, efficacy and manufacturability.

Since 2012 we have been creating and manufacturing Pico-Cylinders, along with integrating our components into medical and pharmaceutical devices with customers around the world.  Our objective is simple: to ensure that you will be successful with integrating Pico-Cylinders into your devices to optimize the unique advantages of pressurized gas cylinders.  We understand the reliability and robustness requirements for life-critical devices over their lifetime. Through leveraging our many years of experience, we can save you time, money and risk.  If we have not already designed solutions that meet your needs, our engineers will work with you from concept to production in order to deliver you customized solutions.

As a custom-designer and manufacturer of pressurized gas cylinders and delivery system solutions, we stand alone in the global market with our business model and core competencies.  Our focus is on creating solutions for the medical industry and other industries with stringent quality requirements for critical mission needs, and to manufacture these solutions in our Class 8 cleanroom with proprietary processes to supply Leak-free Pico-Cylinders.

Picocyl is unique among providers of pressurized gas cylinders, focusing on the medical market, gas purity, gas filling, cylinder sealing, leak-free performance, and reliable cylinder opening. All other gas cylinder component providers’ primary core competencies are centered on metal fabrication – deep drawing, stamping, anodizing, and cleaning. These 100-year old commoditized manufacturing technologies anchor these competitors’ technical focus, overheads, and facilities.  Picocyl, instead partners with best-in-class metal fabricators whose entire existence relies on focusing on small metal fabrication parts, allowing us to focus on what means the most to you – high quality, leak-free cylinders and associated componentry for opening and channeling the gas where and when you need it. You deserve nothing less!

We are ISO 13485:2016 certified and manufacture in our Class 8 cleanroom. This alone sets us apart, but we aren’t stopping there. From our state-of-the-art gas filling and sealing automation equipment, to our precision measurement equipment, to our proprietary gas analytics, to statistical process controls, we are constantly monitoring our performance and continuously improving. Our manufacturing team also uses quality tools – like failure modes and effects analysis (dFMEA and pFMEA) to identify and prevent problems before they happen. Picocyl uses its certified quality system for maintaining design history files, documenting test method validations, and keeping track of when periodic re-validations need to occur.

We utilize a fully validated proprietary state-of-the-art in-house gas blending system with process monitoring analytics. Our system is capable of handling custom mix ratios, gas types, and grades. This allows us to fully customize the gas that is put in your cylinder to meet the needs of your application. Examples include adding helium content to gases to perform leak checks on precision gas fills where the fill mass tolerance is smaller than the resolution of the scale on our automated gas filling and sealing equipment. Additionally, we have in-house gas chromatography equipment to determine potential impurities in gas content and partnership with FDA registered fluorinated gas supplier for medical grade and implantable gases.

Importantly for you, we can also laser mark your Pico-Cylinders for traceability and life cycle management. We also have the tools and experience to meet your shelf-life requirements.

Our Application Engineers can evaluate and provide design support for all of the elements of your Pico-Cylinder integration:

  • Cylinder/pin mounting
  • Actuation methods
  • Activation analysis
  • Gas selection/optimization
  • Gas volume optimization
  • Power delivery optimization
  • Dead volume utilization/optimization
  • Pressure vessel analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Shelf life analysis
  • Cleanliness analysis

Whether you need a customized component, sub-assembly, complete device design, analysis of your current design for optimization, retrofit services, or simply a consultation, we would like to help you be successful.  Our application engineering services goal is to ensure that the finished gas system is reliable, robust, manufacturable, cost-effective over the full life of the device. We also design, build prototypes and manufacture actuation mechanisms that can be integrated into your device to accelerate your time to market by letting you focus on your core application expertise while allowing us to employ our core expertise of developing and providing complete gas systems.

Our products are the most reliable gas cylinders in the world, which is why customers have chosen to replace their industrial-version gas cylinder with our Pico-Cylinders. We provide customers with a full analysis of their current device to produce a turn-key solution for integrating our cylinder.