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Gas Canister Patent Allowance

GOLDEN, CO, — Picocyl, LLC, an innovative, privately held medical device component design and manufacturing company, today announced it has received a Notice of Allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for U.S. Patent Application Number 15/064,464 entitled, “GAS CANISTERS AND METHODS FOR MAKING THEM.”

Once the administrative process is complete, the U.S. Patent that issues from this application will provide intellectual property protection for Picocyl’s novel design features for compressed gas filled pico-cylinders.

Pico-cylinders from Picocyl, are a market-proven, medically reliable source of compressed gases that can be used as a power source for delivery systems or as a reservoir for therapeutic gases in medical devices. Medical device engineers and pharmaceutical firms now have the opportunity to design new and novel compact devices with unprecedented reliability and consistency. As a result of the higher power and energy density, pico-cylinders have been incorporated into autoinjectors, self-powered intraocular lens inserters, and other drug delivery systems and medical devices in the global market. Due to the high reliability enabled by the patent-protected features and stringent proprietary medical manufacturing processes at Picocyl, pico-cylinders are used in life-critical devices with long shelf lives. Picocyl pico-cylinders have the lowest puncture forces available on the market today. Coupled with Picocyl’s unique actuator designs, Picocyl customers can now market human factors friendly designs. With the proliferation of biologic drugs, many pharmaceutical firms have development programs making use of Picocyl’s pico-actuators and pico-cylinders.

“This patent allowance in the United States related to our proprietary pico-cylinder designs is finding wide acceptance across a broad range of medical devices for pharmaceutical biologics, implants and other applications. As the only global supplier of true medical grade compressed gas canisters in the world, this represents an important addition to our intellectual property portfolio,” commented Picocyl’s Chief Technology Officer, Jack Auld. “As we continue to advance our technology into a wide variety of medical device applications, a core component of our growth strategy is to ensure that the corresponding potential market opportunities are well protected.”

About Picocyl

Picocyl, LLC., headquartered in Golden, CO, is a medical device component designer and manufacturer that relentlessly pursues transformative, elegant, precise and reliable compressed gas cylinder and actuator solutions. Picocyl ensures unprecedented quality and reliability through rigorous attention to detail and robust process control throughout the manufacturing steps. Manufactured in an ISO Class 8 Cleanroom under an ISO 13485 Quality Management system, pico-cylinders and pico-actuators can be supplied in sizes ranging from sub-milliliter to multi-milliliter formats filled with argon, helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and many other vapor only or dual phase liquified gases. Picocyl has a strong and proven application engineering team that can customize pico-cylinders to meet its customer’s unique requirements, and can also support customer’s needs for device integration.

To learn more about how Picocyl can revolutionize medical devices, please visit us at

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Gas Canister Patent Allowance

September 30, 2019