Gas-Powered Autoinjector Platform Enables Biologics Drug Delivery


In this article, Matt McCawley, Chief Technology Officer, and Albie Lavin, Technical Advisory Consultant, both at Altaviz, discuss the company’s universal biologics autoinjector platform, highlighting how its gas-powered drive system, based on Pico-Cylinders, provides numerous benefits over legacy spring-powered autoinjectors.

The AltaVISC universal biologics autoinjector platform is designed to address the performance needs for patient delivery of high viscosities and large dose volumes in the rapidly evolving biotherapeutics market. As large molecule therapeutics drive viscosities into the hundreds, or even thousands, of centipoise range, and enzymatic adjuncts enable subcutaneous injections well above conventional 2 mL delivery volumes, it is necessary to reinvent the legacy spring-powered autoinjector platform to enable the self-administration of these truly revolutionary therapies. Simply put, these new, game-changing therapies require new, game-changing delivery systems.

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