The most elegant design, smallest form factor, and quietest operation for Wearables is possible with Pico-Cylinders.


Pico-Cylinder gas technology provides Wearables with significantly greater power and energy densities than a spring, without the environmental or disposal drawbacks of a battery. Creating an on-body drug delivery device that has the power needed for high viscosity biologics and the energy density for sustained deliveries is challenging with conventional technology. Springs are loud, bulky and heavy making them ill-suited for delivering constant injection rates over a long period of time. Battery based designs require motors, controllers and gear drives and complicate the disposal process. In contrast, Pico-Cylinders come in small form factors that can be custom suited to your device and require no additional handling or disposal requirements once they have been used. Combining these benefits with our leak-free Pico-Cylinders long shelf life and it becomes obvious that Pico-Cylinders are the ultimate technology to power your Wearable device. 


  • Large energy density for extended delivery times
  • High power output for viscous biologics
  • Small form factor
  • Long shelf life

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