Needle-Free Injector

Slim, elegant, and inviting – the next generation of Needle-Free Injection technology powered by Pico-Cylinders.


The unparalleled combination of high energy density, high specific power and easy opening are perfect for ushering in new generations of single-use Needle-Free injectors.

Needle-Free injections provide many compelling advantages over traditional needle injections: intradermal injections are reliable; inadvertent needlestick injuries are eliminated; high viscosity therapies are easily delivered; patients’ phobias regarding needles; and the intradermal space is an excellent site for vaccine uptake. Historically, these injections have been powered electromechanically by driving solenoids; by massive springs in bulky handpieces requiring bulky reloading systems; by large gas cylinders for multiple injections, or with older generations of miniature gas cylinders that were unreliable or difficult to puncture for single injections.

Now with Pico-Cylinder technology, that same power and performance can be repackaged into lightweight single-use devices that don’t have any of the safety risks associated with repeat use. For home use applications these devices will be quiet, fit easily into a patient’s hand, and easily activate via a button or lever.


  • Vaccines
  • High viscosity biologics
  • Subcutaneous injections
  • Pediatric injections

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