Nasal Drug Delivery

Accept nothing less than the ultimate control provided by the reliable leak-free performance of Pico-Cylinders to power your nasal drug delivery device.


Therapies that target the nasal route provide relief from painful migraines, treat local infections, and vaccinate patients against harmful diseases such as influenza. Many of these nasal formulations benefit from much higher bioavailability as compared to oral delivery, allowing for new combination devices that enable patients to self-administer treatments that would otherwise only be available by injection from trained professionals. Pico-Cylinders are the perfect fit to power this new generation of precision nasal delivery devices, you can supply exactly the right amount of gas to deliver liquid or powder-based therapeutics exactly where it needs to be. With the high power density of our compressed gas Pico-Cylinders and a range of sizes, we can find the right fit for your device. Picocyl has standard gas options such as CO2, Argon, Nitrogen, and Helium for powering your device as well as custom options to work with your specific therapeutic requirements.


  • Low opening forces allows for gentle actuation
  • High power density allows for thorough atomization of liquid therapeutics
  • Gas delivery enables the transport of powder-based therapeutics
  • Standard and custom gas options
  • Standard and custom sizes to fit your device

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