Maintaining constant delivery speed and force with a single-handed device is more than possible with our gas-powered drive technology. Capable of injecting into the most delicate anatomies with the ultimate control.


Picocyl-powered devices are being used to treat cataract vision disorders. Ophthalmologists performing cataract surgery with intraocular lens implantation are now benefiting from the compact power delivery that Pico-cylinders provide. Historically, Intraocular Lens (IOL) implants have typically been inserted manually with devices that require loading of the IOL and two-handed operation of the inserter. Other legacy solutions automated the IOL insertion with a reusable, bulky, noisy, difficult-to-handle electric-powered inserter or use a pre-loaded, single-use, single-handed, manual inserter. These inferior options were ergonomically challenging and increased risk of lens overshoot.

Pico-Cylinders made it possible for our customer to introduce the world’s first and only automated, pre-loaded, single-use, single-handed inserter with market-leading smooth, silent operation and precision-controlled IOL insertion.

These new Pico-Cylinder powered devices allow surgeons to focus on positioning their instruments without the need to impart energy into the device, allowing easy implant insertion with precision and accuracy.

Now, with fingertip control and the low actuation forces that Pico-Cylinders allow, surgeons can easily actuate and precisely control intraocular lens insertion in a light-weight, single-use device. And best of all, patients are receiving consistent and efficient surgical results.

How can Pico-cylinders support your new implant inserter device objectives?


  • Intraocular lenses
  • Glaucoma shunts
  • Drug eluting implants
  • Stent balloon inflation
  • Bone cements
  • Stents

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