Dermal Injector

Achieve unmatched control over your patient’s outcome by using the unparalleled power and control only possible with Pico-Cylinders.


Dermal fillers are high viscosity formulations that are currently manually injected and difficult for the clinician to control while injecting. Higher viscosity fillers offer many advantages for the patients, however with traditional syringes clinicians need to use large gauge needles and cannulas that are painful for the patient and can require extensive local anesthetic. Now Pico-Cylinders offer a revolutionary way to drive high viscosity fillers through small gauge needles easily and in a controlled manner using compressed gas. Accessing the gas in the cylinder is easy with our reliable Breakaway Septum’s low puncture force, which enables devices with Pico-Cylinders to be easily activated using a simple lever or small actuation mechanism. Pico-cylinders are built to help deliver the highest viscosities with the most control.


  • High viscosity fillers through small gauge needles
  • Easy and reliable access to compressed gas
  • Compatible with sharp and blunt tip cannula configurations
  • High power density enables small form factor delivery device

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