Delivering high viscosity drug formulations is easy when your Autoinjector is powered by a Pico-cylinder. Viscosities of 200 cP arnow feasible through 30g needles.


Newer classes of biologic drugs have higher viscosities and require delivery of larger volumes outside of the capability of traditional spring-powered devices. Attempting to deliver these new treatments with spring-powered devices can result in larger, less ergonomically friendly injector devices with long delivery times and large needles whose noise and vibration levels are frightening to the end users.

With the power to deliver high viscosity, large volume formulations in short or programmed periods of time, new biologic drug-compatible auto-injectors and wearable bolus injectors benefit from the power of Pico-cylinders. The high energy density coupled with the smooth, silent delivery of drugs can reduce syringe breakage and ease patient concerns leading to higher compliance and a better user experience.

What can Pico-cylinders do for your next generation drug delivery devices?


  • High energy density enables smaller devices with higher forces and smaller needles
  • Smooth, quiet drug delivery enhances user experience
  • Low mass systems provide less vibration and mechanical shock to syringes and users
  • Delivers viscosities up to 200 cP with ease

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