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Microvolume Injector

The Microvolume Injector combines a disposable, self-powered syringe driver with sub-microliter dose tracking and highly repeatable delivery rates for a versatile injection platform.


Delivering high viscosity drug formulations is easy when your Autoinjector is powered by a Pico-Cylinder. Viscosities of 200 cP are now feasible through 30g needles.


Maintaining constant delivery speed and force with a single-handed device is more than possible with our gas-powered drive technology. Capable of injecting into the most delicate tissues with the ultimate control.

Nasal Drug Delivery

Pico-Cylinders are the perfect fit to power this new generation of precision nasal delivery devices, you can supply exactly the right amount of gas to deliver liquid or powder-based therapeutics exactly where it needs to be.

Needle-Free Injector

The unparalleled combination of high energy density, high specific power and easy opening are perfect for ushering in new generations of single-use Needle-Free injectors.


Pico-Cylinder gas technology provides Wearables with significantly greater power and energy densities than a spring, without the environmental or disposal drawbacks of a battery.

Dermal Injector

Dermal fillers are high viscosity formulations that are currently manually injected and difficult for the clinician to control while injecting.

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