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We bring innovation to reality through next-gen design, applications engineering and rapid solution development for the medical industry.

Innovation in everything we do.

Driving innovation with our leak-free cylinder designs and sub-systems through thought leadership, a commitment to experiential design and rapid development, and state-of-the-art cleanroom manufacturing facilities.





The Breakaway Septum Pico-Cylinder has Leak-free Performance with Real Time Aging Data Exceeding 36 months.

The Game Changing Pico-System

Our leak-free, superior quality Pico-Cylinders, Pico-Pins, Actuators, and Drive Sub-Assemblies are designed from the ground up to deliver exacting performance and unsurpassed reliability.


Breakaway Septum

Our Breakaway Septum Pico-Cylinders have the lowest and most controlled opening forces on the planet. Our patented septum design combines this low opening force with high reliability burst integrity.



Our Valve-Release Pico-Cylinders contain a spring-loaded valve that allows for partial gas release, resealing, and vacuum purging and filling to ensure the highest purity gas transfer.



Our Pico-Pins have been intentionally designed, tested, and manufactured to reliably open the Breakaway Septum Pico-Cylinders, simplifying downstream manufacturing processes and quality checks.



Our custom Actuators puncture the Pico-Cylinder, seal off the gas, and integrate into your device to optimize design architecture, ergonomics, and human factors.

The Pico-Cylinder was created out of necessity…


Compressed Gas in Pico-Cylinders as a
Single Use Medical Device Energy Source

Compressed gas cylinders offer several advantages over batteries, motors, and springs. The energy density is higher than springs and the power density is higher than batteries. No additional devices are required to convert the energy into mechanical work, simplifying device designs.

Cleanroom Manufacturing

We are an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer with advanced automated gas filling and sealing, laser marking traceability, onsite gas blending, and multistage leak-free in-process verifications.

Rapid Development

Our engineering team transforms concepts into finished products using state-of-the-art design and analysis tools; in-house prototyping and model shop; quick-turn and production mold tooling; design for manufacturability; and decades of proven product development.

Engineering &

Manufacturing &

How can we be of Service?

Applications Engineering

We leverage our proven skills and experience to save our customers time and money by integrating Pico-Cylinders into medical devices, and specialized applications.

Design Analysis

Picocyl performs complex system level reviews to ensure that you will have a reliable Pico-Cylinder implementation using dynamic, thermal, structural, and tolerance analyses. We assess puncture reliability, Pico-Pin design, puncture architecture, and manufacturability.


Identifying the right Pico-Cylinder size, gas type, and fill mass, are challenges we solve on a regular basis. Whatever your needs are, we would love to create a solution for you.

Device Development

Does your drug or implantable need a delivery device? Picocyl creates custom solutions using our gas-powered Pico-Cylinder technology.

Contract Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facility and quality system were meticulously designed from the ground up with a focus on the exacting standards of medical device manufacturing.

Environmental Sustainability & Waste Management

Picocyl provides lifecycle disposal services of devices and Pico-Cylinders. We adhere to strict, eco-friendly waste management protocols, and uphold our responsibilities to customers and future generations through stewardship of our planet.

“Picocyl has one of the best teams for innovation, product introduction, manufacturing controls and supplier performance.”

Jim Warren

Business Unit Director, Jabil HealthCare

Solving today’s and tomorrow’s
drug delivery challenges

Picocyl is a forward-looking organization which is singularly focused to envision and bring to market new products and solutions which solve today’s and tomorrow’s drug delivery, implantable, and specialized application challenges. Through a full lifecycle of experiential design and engineering services, unique rapid product development approach, state-of-the-art cleanroom manufacturing facilities (ISO Class 8), and commitment to unsurpassed quality, performance and efficacy, Picocyl has earned a reputation as one of the medical industry’s premier innovators and thought leaders.